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Dear students, 

Erasmus English Proficiency Exam will be at AGU School of Languages on 9th of March, Wednesday. You will need to get here by 13.45 latest to find your rooms and settle down for the exam.

Information about the exam

The Erasmus English Proficiency Exam on 9 March will be a measure of candidates' ability to:

    Interpret questions

    Express ideas in English in an appropriate register in appropriately structured written paragraphs.

    Produce language that is grammatically correct;

The duration of the exam is 60 minutes, during which time candidates will answer three questions; you are expected to write 150-200 words for each of your three answers.

To prepare for the examination, you may wish to consult the following website: http://www.erasmusprogramme.com/the_erasmus.php

Good luck!