2021-02-18 00:23:00

Dear Erasmus Candidates,


Erasmus Proficiency Exam will be held on 27th of February, 2021-09.00 AM.


The Erasmus English Proficiency Examination is designed to test student proficiency in the use of Academic English that they would need to employ at the institution at which they are hoping to win a temporary place. For the examination, students will need:


1. Schoology access details; 


2. A computer;


3. A means of taking notes efficiently. The early part of the examination will contain detailed input that students will need to make use of to complete tasks later in the examination. The input will be by reading, or by listening, or both.


If you will not take the exam, please inform us ASAP. Otherwise as we stated in the call "a)    5 points will be decreased from the overall score of the students if they do not attend English Exam without an excuse."