2019-01-28 12:53:00

Dear Student,

You should note the following information:

1. The exam will be held on  Wednesday February 6, 2019 afternoon. (The time and place will be announced)

2. The exam will be written only (with no Speaking component);

3. Note carefully that you are permitted to take this English Examination IFF (if and only if) you have registered an application for an Erasmus Program through the requisite university unit.

4. You may find attached a copy of the last year’s exam, and a marking scheme.

5. There is a very high probability that the Erasmus exam of this year and the  future will resemble the format of this exam. 

Section 1: To prepare for this section, you need to be a fast and accurate reader. So, read more!

Section 2: To prepare for this section, you need to know thoroughly how to follow academic conventions to attribute in your writing the ideas of others. You can receive help on this in your LA, Writing and English 101 and English 102 classes.

Section 3: To prepare for this section, you need to be a fast and accurate reader, and to be able to summarize ideas. So, again, read more! Furthermore, it is in this section that your ability to write grammatically accurate sentences is measured. If you want, study more grammar, but beyond that: read more and write more.

Section 4: To prepare for this section, you need not only to understand what you have read but also to be able to use that information in your own analysis and argumentation. The fundamental mistake that some half of candidates made on 7 February 2018 was that they DID NOT READ THE QUESTION. If you do not read an exam question, or if you read it, but do not answer it in the way that is being requested, you cannot be successful.

To see how other people do analysis, read more. To learn how to do it yourself, work as hard as you can in all Writing classes, in Bridge and in English 101 and 102.

We wish everybody luck, in this exam.

2018 Erasmus Exam